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Libertine Blends: Herbal Tea with a Difference

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Libertine Blends Runaway Rose Herbal Tea

I met the founder of Libertine Blends, Jacqui, for a cup of tea in London last summer. She’s one lovely lady who carries a beautiful energy about her. It’s that energy which she is translating into her teas. For her, “it’s about nourishing yourself, and having the energy to enjoy the beautiful chaos that is everyday life”. Now doesn’t that make you want to reach for a cuppa for yourself?

Jacqui Wales, Founder of Libertine Blends

Jacqui Wales, Founder of Libertine Blends

“…it’s about nourishing yourself, and having the energy to enjoy the beautiful chaos that is everyday life”

Like most New Zealanders, I’m a tea drinker – a huge cup of English Breakfast is my usual start to the day (best enjoyed when made by someone else and served to me in bed!) However, due to a growing sensitivity to caffeine, I limit myself to just one cup of tea (and one cup of coffee) a day. This has led me on a quest to source herbal teas to fill the gap.

Jacqui and I are both in agreement that it’s rare to find an interesting herbal tea to drink when out in a cafe or restaurant – and those that do serve herbal teas tend to serve the usual culprits, such as peppermint or chamomile. It was this frustration that drove Jacqui to start blending her own teas.

Ingredients Native to New Zealand

Libertine Blends teas are organic and hand-packed in New Zealand. Many of its teas contain New Zealand native plants, such as kawakawa, which lends a peppery taste and an anti-inflammatory effect to the aptly named Kapow blend. Or manuka, which together with lemon balm, provides calming and cleansing qualities in the Minty Ohm tea.

I have a standout favourite, so much so that I picked up a couple of extra packs while I was back in NZ for Christmas – and I will be selfishly hoarding them all to myself (OK, OK … and for those friends who warrant such a treat!) It’s the stylishly named Runaway Rose. Now, I am not a lover of floral (or fruity) teas. NOT. ONE. BIT. However, this tea captivated me from the first sip. Its scent reminds me of Turkish Delight – possibly coming from the rose itself, but perhaps enhanced by the elderflower, which is also an ingredient.

This tea captivated me from the first sip.


For those of you who remain skeptical about floral teas – I encourage you to give it a try. The bags are large enough to make a good-sized pot of tea (or two very large cups/mugs), which is a very good thing as I guarantee you will be hooked!

At a Glance

  • The Verdict: Hands down, this is one of the BEST herbal tea brands that I have tried … and I’ve tried a few over my lifetime, from all over the world.
  • Availability: For those readers of mine who live in NZ: all I can say is lucky you! To the rest of the world: don’t despair – they can ship internationally.

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