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I'm not a big fan of palm oil. It's not only bad for your health but also for the environment (search on the internet if you're interested in knowing more). According to the World Wildlife Fund, palm oil is the “most widely consumed vegetable oil on the planet.” It’s a ‘lurker’. You’d be surprised at how many products are used on a day-to-day basis that contain palm oil. Lipstick anyone? The one that stands out the most for me though is peanut butter. And I bet most households have a jar of this nutty goodness sitting in their fridge without even knowing what hides within.

Raw hi-oleic peanuts ready for roasting for Pic's Peanut Butter

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Just peanuts, a touch of salt, plus a whole lot of love

The good news is that peanut butter doesn’t need palm oil (don’t even get me started on those that add sugar to their PB). Palm oil, used for its emulsifying properties, gives a smooth consistency with no visible oil.

OK, so perhaps you’re a wee bit lazy, not wanting to stir in the oil. However, I find emulsified peanut butters stick to the roof of your mouth more than the free-flowing, healthier variety. Not sure about you, but a stuck tongue makes conversation most difficult!

pics peanut butter hi oleic natural organic new zealand
For those who like to travel with their PB, Pic’s have this covered with their perfectly-sized and named Slugs!

There’s a solution to the above and it’s called Pic’s Peanut Butter. Just peanuts, a touch of salt, plus a whole lot of love goes into their jars.

When I discovered Pic’s was available here in the UK, I swear they heard the whoop-whoop down in New Zealand’s sunny Nelson – the home of Pic’s. For this is a PB that transcends all other peanut butters, in the northern hemisphere at least.

What makes Pic’s peanut butter so special?

It’s all down to the quality of the peanuts used. Not sure about you, but I can detect rancid peanut butter from a mile off. There’s a very distinct smell – like oily paint or play-dough. (Seriously, go and sniff yours now. I bet it doesn’t smell sweet and nutty, unless of course you’re already a convert to Pic’s.) Not only does rancid peanut butter smell awful, but it also tastes pretty bad – just like stale peanuts which have been sitting in a saucer on top of a bar. Ewwww!

What may surprise you is that most peanut butters, particularly the mass-produced variety, are already rancid by the time they hit your shopping bag. And apparently this applies to organic brands too. That was a surprise to me.

Pic’s have worked hard to source the best peanuts possible. Theirs come from Australia, and are an extra-special hi oleic variety. Grown in only a few places in the world, one of the benefits of this variety is a longer shelf life, which translates into a better-tasting, quality peanut butter.

Who is Pic?

I hear you asking what’s behind the name? In fact, it’s the name of a guy called Pic Picot (isn’t that the coolest name?) I haven’t personally met him, but I’m told by those in the know that he is quite the character. The next time I am down in Nelson, I will be stalking him – just to say thanks for sharing the love and not keeping his PB selfishly hidden from us on the other side of the world.

At a Glance

  • Taste: a well-balanced mouthful of salty and sweet (even with no sugar added); seriously this stuff is insanely addictive.
  • Texture: as Pic says, it’s “double squished for an intense peanutty flavour and velvet texture”. I concur with this observation.
  • How I like to use it: On hot buttered toast (yep, double the fat) with slices of banana and a small sprinkle of sea salt flakes on top (yep, double the salt). Hey… I don’t have this every day you know.
  • Top tip to get you off the bad (read: emulsified) stuff and onto the good: turn your jar upside down a few days before you need it – gravity sorts out the nuts to the bottom and the oil to the top. When you turn it back around, the oil should be better distributed. If not, just give it a lazy stir each time you use it. I use that as an excuse to scoop off the excess PB from my chosen utensil straight into my mouth (who needs toast?!)
  • For those who like to take their PB everywhere they go: Pic’s are very clever indeed, having created single portion sized Slugs, making it super-easy to carry around with you.
  • And for those of you who have researched how to make your own peanut butter? My answer to that is ‘why bother?’ when you can have something as good as, if not better, than what you would be able to make at home (remember: those raw peanuts you’re buying have a very high probability of already being rancid!)
  • Where on earth can I get a Pic’s fix: Australia, Japan, China, Vietnam, UK (from Tesco; buy online at; or pick up a jar from Maltby Street Market held weekly on a Saturday), France, The Netherlands, USA, and a few Amazon stores (USA, UK, Japan). Check out their Store Locator to see just how close they are to you.

N.B. Copious jars of Pic’s Peanut Butter were purchased (and eaten) by Introduced By for this review. Except for the peanut butter ‘slugs’ discovered in a recent NZBWN event goodie bag, no compensation (monetary or in-kind) has been solicited or offered. In fact, they don’t even know that they’re getting this glowing review! We love this product, so the decision to write about it was our own and all views and opinions are our own.

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