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Crosstown Doughnuts:
The Gourmet Variety

Introduced By

Doughnuts, particularly the gourmet variety, have taken off worldwide - and they look like they are here to stay. In London, a couple of New Zealanders have put their mark on the scene with Crosstown Doughnuts. Their hand-rolled, sourdough doughnuts stand out for their unusual but very edible flavour combinations. Definitely one to add to the list to seek out when next visiting!

Fresh sourdough gourmet doughnuts by Crosstown Doughnuts

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth – give me something salty any day! Although my husband would vehemently disagree with that statement; just last week our spoons seriously clashed over the last bites of a shared dessert (why oh why do we ever say that we will share a dessert when we know it’s going to end in tears?!?)

However, in saying all that, it is possible to turn on my sweet tooth with such delights as:

  • My mum’s Christmas cake (note to self: pull out the last half from the freezer and get to it!)
  • A really good lamington filled with fresh cream (see below for further description of what a lamington is)
  • Anything made with vanilla crème patissiere
  • Freshly made doughnuts… particularly those with vanilla crème patissiere oozing out

crosstown gourmet lamnut doughnutOK that last one is a bit random, but bear with me… once you’ve tried Crosstown Doughnuts you, too, will add doughnuts to your list… and I guarantee they will go straight to the top if you have a sweet tooth.

… out of this world, and by far, the best gourmet doughnuts in London

There’s Kiwi pedigree in the set-up of Crosstown Doughnuts. It’s the brainchild of Adam Wills (co-founder of the Gourmet Burger Kitchen), supported by shareholder Peter Gordon (the godfather of New Zealand’s Pacific Rim fusion cuisine and owner of Providores Tapa Room in Marylebone).

A Gourmet Doughnut Review

After taking on the serious task of tasting and reviewing these clouds of sourdough deliciousness, Introduced By can report back that ALL flavours are up for grabs as the best. They are inventing new flavour combos on a regular basis with some only available seasonally – yuzu and passionfruit anyone?? As for the vegans amongst us, there are some tasty treats on offer. And for those who are curious about the calories? I say screw the calories – these are so worth it… and tomorrow is a new day after all.

Let’s just say, Crosstown Doughnuts truly are out of this world and by far, the best in London!

At a Glance

  • The verdict: our favourite is the Lamnut (a cross between a lamington and a doughnut) – chocolate covered and then dipped in coconut with a raspberry jammy centre (*wipes up the drool*). Otherwise you can’t beat a crème brûlée, filled with that all-important vanilla crème patissiere and covered with caramelised sugar, blowtorched to get some serious crunch.
  • The latest news from the ever-innovative Crosstown: Catching onto the latest food craze of all things vegan, Crosstown have developed a recipe that replaces eggs and dairy. They use chia seeds and coconut butter in their dough, and the fillings and glazes are made using different combos of oat milk, coconut butter, dairy-free dark chocolate and silken tofu. Sounds pretty amazing to us!
  • Other tasty doughnutty tips: Keep an eye out for their limited edition flavours. These guys are changing it up. All. The. Time. For instance, St Patrick’s day saw a boozy concoction of a Baileys milk chocolate ganache filling sandwiched between two layers of intense chocolate Guinness cake dough. These were then hand-dipped in Guinness icing and their oh-so-addictive chocolate biscuit soil. How does that sound to you?
  • Where in the world can you get your doughnut fix: various locations throughout London including Soho, Piccadilly, Victoria and Broadway Market. Their first City location opened in September 2018 – closest tubes are Monument or Bank. Also available to order online, delivered fresh daily (ummmm how perfect is that?!?). Otherwise, jump onto an Air New Zealand flight to Los Angeles (sorry, Premium Economy or Business Class only), and eat yourself silly!

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